Finding fault with others

Finding fault with others
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

“Is it not right to tell people that they are wrong or dishonest?” Someone asked me.

When you find that someone is wrong, you can tell that person that he or she is wrong. While this may not be wrong, does it really help?

If the person takes it in the right spirit, then yes, it definitely helps. But some people may not like it. Most people do not like to be told that they are being dishonest, even if it is the truth. So, you have to be discreet.

Before we try to find fault in others, I suggest that we perfect ourselves first. That would be a wonderful thing.

Instead of telling them, “You are wrong”, send Light. The Light will do the best.

The Light will not only make the person aware of his shortcomings, It will also help him overcome the shortcomings in the best possible way, without judging or hurting.

So, imagine an ocean of Light above, fill yourself with that Light first, and then let the Light go out and fill that person. Do this without judgement and with great love.

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“Assess your Spiritual growth by daily introspection. Correct yourself, but do not be judgemental and harsh on yourself.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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DOORWAYS TO LIGHT – (ebook Launch)

DWLThis is no fiction. But some events here may appear stranger than fiction. And I do not intend convincing anyone.”
“What is real?
“When I look down from the higher planes, all these are so unreal. When I go still higher up, everything disappears in the vastness. Light alone shines still higher up there. The Light was there all the time. I had not noticed it. And I thought I had seen everything!

“I had relied too much on this infant science and blind logic. I did not know that there was a higher science; truths beyond logic. I did not know many things. That was before I met Amara.”

This is an excerpt from Guruji Krishnananda’s Autobiography – Doorways to Light. Guruji’s journey from being an everyday human being to a great Spiritual Master inspires the hidden Divine potential in the reader. A portal into the unknown, it introduces the seeker to the fraternity of the invisible Light Masters or Rishis and the enormous effort they make to help humanity. The Spiritual energies in the book take us beyond the realms of the known; our own mystical underpinnings spring forth and take us onto our personal journey through the Doorways to Light.

The ebook can be purchased from –

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Relationship with Spiritual Master

Relation with Spiritual Master

“The sacred relationship between a Spiritual Master and his students lasts over lifetimes.” – Guruji Krishnananda

November 23rd, 2014 is Guruji’s second Mahasamadhi Day.

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Manifesting Consciously

Manifesting Consciously
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

We all are concerned about our Spiritual progress. The Rishis (Light Masters) want all of you to rise to their level. They are concerned about your Spiritual progress.

They observe and say that though we are making progress, it is very slow and it is not enough.

How can we grow faster?

Manifest Love The Rishis say, “We are not consciously manifesting love.”

We are not consciously manifesting all that we experience in our Meditation. When we meditate, we experience peace, stillness, bliss and love; we experience the Divine. This is the first part of our Sadhana (Spiritual effort).

The second and the most important part of Sadhana is to manifest all this in our living. Only when we manifest them we get tuned to the Divine.

When we are in tune with the Divine we live in harmony with the world; we do not make mistakes and we will always be positive. We remain in a heightened state all the time.

Spiritual pursuit is not one hour of daily meditation. It is manifesting the Divine 24 hours a day.

In the beginning this may seem very difficult because we get involved in the business of life.

When you begin the day, fill yourself with Love. Throughout the day, be conscious of the Love in you and it will keep flowing out from you even when you are working. Whenever you get a break from work, think of the love flowing from within.

Without manifesting the Divine transformation cannot occur.

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Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Spirituality is different from religion.

Spirituality is the essence of all religions. All religions teach love, compassion, forgiveness and accommodation. The essence of all these things is Spirituality.

All those who understand spirituality in this way will get connected at a deeper level. They become one at the level of their core. This Oneness is very important now.

Oneness should be the religion of the future. We all have to understand oneness, become aware of it and experience it, if possible, all the time.

Oneness gives us strength, direction and happiness. We have to experience oneness, not only with the Divine, but also amongst ourselves, the people on this earth. Experiencing oneness leads to the experience of Samadhi because, in oneness we expand.

It is this Oneness that will take us into the Light Age. When we experience oneness, the Light Age takes birth in us.

The Light Age does not begin somewhere outside. It must begin within each one of us.

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Deepavali Wishes

Diwali 2014 Final

“May the Inner Light shine brighter. Manasa Foundation wishes everyone a Peaceful and Prosperous Deepavali” – Blessings from Guruji Krishnananda.

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