“Sanyasa is a Spiritual state that has nothing to do with saffron robes or shaving heads.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Revolution by Light

Revolution by Light

Revolution by Light

“The Revolution by Light is a Sacred & Spiritual Revolution because it works at the level of the Soul. Though silent, the Revolution by Light can transform all imperfect manmade systems. Channel more Light and contribute to World Peace.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Witness your thoughts

Witness your thoughts
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

At any given time our mind is full of many types of thoughts and emotions. Most of them are so unimportant, so unrelated to the purpose of our existence. These thoughts and emotions have caused so much damage, wasted so much of our life, we have forgotten the real purpose of being born here.

Please understand that we are not these thoughts and emotions. We are different from them. We are Light. We are Love. We are Peace. We are Truth.

These disturbing, angry and unhappy thoughts and emotions are not ours.

Try to be a witness to your thoughts and emotions. Do not identify with them. When you become a witness, you will automatically distance yourself from them.

When you are a witness to your thoughts and emotions, you will find them very amusing. You will wonder at the number of thoughts that come and go. Let them pass. Do not let them in.

We unnecessarily get involved with them and spend all our energy and time on them. We will have no peace. When we create a distance between ourselves and our thoughts, we feel that they are so unrelated to us.

So, be a witness, distance yourself and reject them. When we try to be a witness, we don’t feel disturbed. We will be at peace, and we allow others also to be at peace.

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The Sacred month of Ashada Masa

The Sacred month of Ashada Masa
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

On 28th June, we entered the most auspicious month of the year, known as Ashada Masa in Sanskrit. This is the month during which we receive the Highest and the Purest energies directly from the Source of All, the realm of God Himself.

Since these energies are so powerful, there are no inauspicious moments in this month. This period is like a gift from God, and is most suited for intense Meditations.

In the past, people knew about the sacredness of this month and therefore, they would not waste any time in worldly matters like marriages and other celebrations; they would spend all their time in Spiritual activities that would help them advance spiritually.

Over the years, this knowledge got distorted and people started believing that Ashada Masa is inauspicious for worldly activities. Its importance for Spiritual activities was forgotten.

The energies that the earth is receiving keeps increasing in intensity and reaches the peak on 12th July. This day receives the maximum energies and is known as Guru Poornima. The real Guru is God Himself, who takes us from darkness to Light. The month ends on 26th July.

So, let us make the most of this Divine Gift of Ashada Masa by meditating and channelling Light as much as possible and spread peace to our troubled world.

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Clearing Karmas

Clearing Karmas
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

“When will my Karmas get cleared?”, asked a student.

We already know that when we meditate and experience stillness, when we transform, our Karmas get cleared gradually.

But the Rishis (Light Masters) gave a very unusual answer.

meditation-Surrendar They said when we completely surrender all our Karmas, they get cleared. I want you to contemplate on this.

When we are in a state of complete surrender, all the laws like the laws of Karma will not be applicable to us.

And how does one truly surrender?

Surrender begins with great love towards God and His Creation.

When you manage to put down your ego, when the ego is zero and you begin living with humility, surrender begins. With conscious efforts it is not very difficult to put down the ego.

If we can be aware of the Presence of Light (God) around and within us all the time, and lead a life guided by the great Light, we can say we have surrendered.

Surrender at the highest level is becoming Light completely. There will be absolutely no trace of our personality. We surrender even the ambition for Liberation. We will be living in Light, breathing Light, our whole life will be Light.

In such a state, there will be no Karmas.

Even after surrendering, we continue to have our freewill. Surrendering is a continuous process.

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(Written by Guruji Krishnananda in 1990)

“The only way to have a friend is to become one.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Goodness Unless we establish friendliness within us we cannot evoke the same in others. The friendliness in us vibrates and activates similar vibrations in others. This applies even to the negative thoughts and vibrations. Anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness, hatred etc. evoke similar responses in others, naturally.

If we have to see God in others we have to become pure, become God. Thus Becoming is very important and essential. Meditation becomes.

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(Written by Guruji Krishnananda)

Spirituality What is Spirituality?
Visiting Temples, performing Poojas, observing Vratas, going on pilgrimages, giving alms, performing Homas & Yagas, reciting Vedas, singing Bhajans … all these activities, are good. When understood properly they transcend from religious to Spiritual.

If we can recognise the presence of God in everyone and everything, if we can perform work as service to God, then the work in the office, driving a bus, selling a thing or polishing a shoe becomes Spiritual. The demarking line between the Material and the Spiritual vanishes. Whole life becomes Spiritual.

Tuning to God is Spirituality. Tuning is Yoga; the Union. We need not go through postures and breathing exercises. We can establish the contact with Him in the hour of Meditation and keep it alive in the other hours of work and rest.

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