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Carry Light Always…

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Change your Vibrations

Change your Vibrations – by Guruji Krishnananda
Everyone has a personal energy field. Our system of body, mind and intellect has an energy field and it vibrates continuously. According to our mood swings and emotional upheavals, it vibrates and sends out positive vibrations and even, negative vibrations.
When we send positive vibrations, we attract positive thoughts. We attract people with positive thoughts. When we send out the negative vibrations, the opposite happens, which is, we attract people with negative thoughts. Unwittingly we do it. This attracts diseases and accidents. So we have to be very careful about our own vibrations.
Let us not assume that there are only external sources for our non-positive vibrations. Sometimes the source of negative thoughts could be from our own past or deeper layer of our consciousness. Irrespective of the source reject all negative thoughts and emotions.
The best solution is to carry Light all the time. Light is God’s Energy. It is the Source of Love, Peace, Wisdom and all that is positive. When we carry Light, Its Vibrations bring Peace to us and all that is around us. So, channel Light daily for at least seven minutes.

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Mr. Rajendra Rangnekar, a Meditator used Light successfully to heal himself. He says:
“Love towards everyone around is felt in heart for no specific reason, be it humans or non-humans other living beings. Similarly pain and agony suffered by others also gets registered in the heart with profound intensity.
“I was detected with severe infection in my right ear causing foul smelling pus. The ear drum was punctured with several holes and ENT specialist indicated possibility of surgery in future. I started sending Light to the affected area inside the ear. I used to imagine that the perforations were getting healed. After some days the ENT surgeon pronounced with astonishment that my wound inside had healed and ruled out operation in the future! I offered my #Love and gratitude to the #Rishis.”
Mr. Kumar Tumkur Nagendra, a Meditator under Guruji Krishnananda’s Guidance, thanks Light for helping him:
“In any situation, when I don’t do something that I had planned to do, I don’t get angry or frustrated as I used to get earlier. But now I remain calm and peaceful and tell myself, ‘It’s ok, you have another chance another day to do it.’
“The day after a trip to Mysore on November 10th 2018, I got up with a severe headache and was not able to move my head. After some time, I channelled Light for 15-20 minutes. As I started channelling Light, after 5 minutes I felt as if my headache was being washed away gradually by white Light and this feeling was amazing! After the session, my headache had completely gone and I felt so happy. I am very grateful to Light.”
Ms. Tanvi Bhatt’s joy can be felt in her words as she shares her Light Channelling experience:
“Every Light Channelling session has been a sublime one! I feel absolute peace and joy when I channel Light and also feel strong currents of energy coursing through my body and spine multiple times, throughout these 7-10 minutes of channelling sessions.”
Ms. Aishwarya Viswamitra, a college student gives her experiential proof of Light’s ever-available presence:
“Ever since I joined college and moved into a hostel, it has become difficult to motivate myself to channel Light or meditate. Today I channelled Light properly for a long time. My eyes didn’t want to open! Beneath my eyelids I saw waves of white Light dancing. At that moment I felt completely at peace and perfectly calm. Light is always there, we just have to call it!”
Ms. Anu Sehgal, thanks Light:
“I am happy now with Light as my companion and there is absolutely no fear in me. I remain so relaxed because I have surrendered myself 100% to the Divine. Whatever I wish and intent for, I start visualizing it and the Divine actually takes care of it. I am really a happy, positive person now. I am always in gratitude and Bliss now. All the things fall into place so easily. My relation with everyone is good and I can feel the love and respect that they have for me.”
Ms. Lucinda Bach, a Meditator under Guruji Krishnananda’s Guidance says:
“I have made Light my companion, my guide and guru. I make decisions and think about life issues with the Light bringing answers and direction.”
Ms. Savita, Vitthal Lahane, Student of Standard X, Dnyaneshwar Balaji Murkute High School in Pune, says:
“We channel Light regularly in our school. I have benefitted a lot. My memory power has increased. I have become self-confident. My mind has become peaceful. I have progressed well in my studies.
Ms. Garima Sharma, thanks Light and Guruji Krishnananda for helping her during a surgery. She says:
“Recently, when I entered the Operation Theatre for a surgery, I was quite nervous. I prayed to Almighty God and Light for everything to go smoothly and started channelling Light. When I got up after the surgery, I felt as if I was dreaming and was in some different world during that period. By God’s grace the surgery was successful. Thank you Almighty God, Light and Guruji!”
Ms. Sandhya Rao, Headmistress of Arunodaya School, Sunkadakatte ( Bengaluru) credits Light Channelling for the improvements she sees in her pupils. She channels Light at home as well and says:
“I practise Light Channelling at home daily for 7 minutes. I handle all situations perfectly with the help of Light.
“In school, Light Channelling is practised daily for 7 minutes during assembly and for 3 minutes in the classroom. I have observed that there is an improvement in the behaviour of students; their arrogance has come down, there is an increase in their learning capacity and their health has improved.”

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“When practised seriously, Meditation helps us understand our life’s purpose & the reasons behind our life situation.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Am I Doing Enough?

I was touched when a person asked me this question:
“All around, there is so much of hate, greed and gossip. I keep asking myself ‘Am I doing enough?’ I think I need to meditate more and channel more Light.”
It is amazing that people can think like this, taking responsibility for the life around them.
It is true. When we see the life around or in the world, it is not merely imperfect, it is horrifying. But nobody asked the question ‘Am I doing enough to get rid of these things?’
Such questions prompt us to do more.
If you feel the same, I suggest you Meditate more and spread more Light to bring about more transformation in others. Let us do this regularly and sincerely.
We don’t know whether we are doing enough or not. But we are contributing to world peace at least to some extent by meditating and channelling Light. We are doing our bit.

If possible, do more. If you cannot do more, do not get frustrated or feel defeated by the imperfection around. This is very important.
The darkness of thousands of years cannot be removed with one single candle. Do not lose hope. It takes time. It takes participation from the masses.
Let us also be aware that people are indeed changing, though it is not easy to notice the changes. There is transformation definitely. There is an awakening. The world is changing.
Let the transformation begin from us. When we transform, the world also transforms because we are a part of this world.
If you are serious about helping others transform, take up Light Channelling. Spread Light to the whole world as much as you can. You will be doing a great service to humanity.

(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)
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Light Channelling & Meditation

“In Meditation, we receive & experience the Light. To channel Light, we receive, experience & spread the Light.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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