Light and Samadhi

Light and Samadhi – by Guruji Krishnananda
Light is a reality. Perhaps, Light is the One Reality that does not change. Light is eternal. Light is there, always waiting around us, within us. We must become aware of It.
Try to experience, try to visualize that everything around, above, below is just Light. Try to experience this and you can enter into Samadhi.
Samadhi is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language, formed by combining ‘Sama’ (same as) and ‘Adi’ (Primordial or God). Hence the various Samadhi states correspond to the depth with which we experience God. Light is the invisible formless God. Experiencing Light is experiencing God.

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Help the Next Generation properly

Help the Next Generation properly – by Guruji Krishnananda

Youngsters, students and teenagers are under tremendous pressure of studies, peer pressure, and even pressure from the parents. Sometimes the young simply give in. Occasionally we read newspaper reports of teenagers and youngsters committing suicide. In what way can we help them?

I don’t say I have all the answers but I think these suggestions from the Rishis (Light Masters), help to a great extent.
First, the parents should not pressurize them to do many things at the same time, at such a tender age. Though difficult, the parents should not impose their goals. The parents should help the youngsters find their own dreams and realize their goals. Give them freedom and space. This does not mean that you abandon them. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of restraint as well.
The second part is that we have to be reasonable, sensible and behave like mature and intelligent people. Parents want their children to become stars. Kids do not have enough time left in the day, so teach those practices which require minimum time and give maximum benefits.
They may be asked to practice Saptarshi Pranayama for 3 to 5 minutes. This will sharpen their memory, increase the power of concentration. This will not only help them with their studies but the Prana cleanses their body, mind, intellect system from within. This will make the child choose the right things in life. I feel this itself is enough.
But if you want to help more, you can ask the child to channel Light for 7 minutes or at least for 3 minutes. Light brings enormous strength to children. They will not buckle under any pressure.
These two Spiritual practices are enough to help youngsters deal with pressures of all kinds.

(Source: Guruji Speaks Volume 5 – 28th February 2010)

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How do we birth the Light Age…

How do we physicalize or birth the New Age, Satya Yuga to this plane?

It is very simple. We channel the Light. When we channel the Light, we are channelling the New Age/Light Age. And again, we must know that it is not just one person or one Avatara who will bring down the New Age and establish it.
Everyone of us on this earth brings this New Age down. We bring down Light, we channel the Light.
Light is God, Light is Intelligence. Light is all the Power which created us and this Creation. Light is all Love. Say anything, describe It in any way. Light is all that.

(Excerpts from Light Channels Newsletter May June 2016)
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Collapses – A Message from Guruji Krishnananda
The Light has revolutionized our lives. It has brought us peace, efficiency, wisdom and a zeal for living. The Light has more. It depends on us to take out the rich gifts from Light. While channelling Light, we also experience it. This experience changes our attitudes and transforms us from the human to the divine. There is no doubt about it.
The time has come to take the Revolution by Light to the next level where we spread the awareness of Light to more people and help them to channel Light daily. If more people channel Light, there will be more awakenings in the individuals and more Transformation. When individuals transform the systems also transform. All systems: economic, political, religious, educational, medicinal…..change. If the systems do not change, they collapse. This is what all the Wise who are living and who are in the higher planes and watching us say.
Light Channelling is not a simple activity, it brings changes in everyone, everywhere. It builds up a silent, peaceful and total Revolution. Let us build up the Revolution. Let every one of us channel Light daily from our homes.

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Thank You – World Channels Day 2019

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100th Birth Annivarsary – Maharshi Amara

World Channels Day – 1st February 2019

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9th World Channels Day – 1st February 2019

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