Last Opportunities

Last Opportunities
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda

In this Creation, we have endless opportunities to grow spiritually. If we don’t utilize an opportunity provided to us, there will be one more opportunity. There will be a million more opportunities. In God’s world there are endless opportunities. This is the Truth.

But currently, we are going through a period of transition from the Dark Age to the Light Age. This Transition Period is not endless. Therefore, the opportunities during this period also are not infinite.

The time has come to make use of these last opportunities … opportunities to choose Light. Light contains Love, Peace, Joy, goodness, honesty, sincerity and so on. Choosing Light implies choosing all this.

In addition to this, we have to also consciously ‘unchoose’ non-love, hatred, violence, dishonesty, etc. Unchoosing these is as important as choosing Light.

As I always say, choose from the core of your being; it is enough. But I know that it is not easy to make these choices. I have seen people struggling for years to choose Light. We really have to give up many things, beginning with the ego to be able to choose Light.

What we truly choose will be reflected in our thoughts, emotions and in our living.

Let us make use of these last opportunities and choose Light. And let us leave the rest to the Rishis (Light Masters) and God.

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Our contribution to Collective Destiny

We are connected to everything

“This is our planet, our only shelter. We are connected to everything on earth and in Nature. While we create our destiny through our living, we also contribute to the collective destiny of the planet. Let us create Peace and Harmony by living peacefully.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda

Yesterday was the Sacred day of Maha Shivaratri. At midnight, the Great Rishis (Light Masters) travelled to the Divine Plane of Lord Shiva and brought a part of Him with them to our earth. So, Lord Shiva has literally come down to earth.

Lord Shiva is generally known as the Destroyer, because His energies are required for the destructive processes of the Cosmos. But the energies of Creation and Sustenance are also in Him.

Today morning before Sunrise, Lord Shiva entered every house as a ray of Light. His Divine Energies will be available on this earth as Light for ten days.

The Rishis apprise Lord Shiva of the Spiritual condition of this earth and its people. Based on this, Lord Shiva may give instructions to the Rishis, who are the administrators of this earth.

On the first day of Shivaratri, there is a custom of staying awake through the night. This practice is called ‘Jagarana’ in Sanskrit, which literally means, not sleeping. Just staying awake on one night does not help us spiritually in any way.

‘Jagarana’ is not about sleep deprivation. It is to be understood as Being Aware or Awakening. It is being aware of the Presence of Lord Shiva on earth.

During the ten days of Lord Shiva’s stay on earth, we can absorb more of His energies by meditating and channelling Light more, and also by trying to be aware of His energies and His Presence throughout the day.

May the Lord’s Divine energies destroy all the negativity and ignorance in us and help us awaken.

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World Channels Day – 2015

No membership. No sermon. No restrictions. No conditions. No commerce.
Anyone can channel Light, from anywhere at any time and for as long as one wishes to.

WCD 2015 photoquote Final

Visit – for more details

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5th World Channels Day


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How we impact our World

How we impact our World
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Our every thought, every emotion and every act impacts the world.

Our thought, good or bad, reaches others and triggers a chain reaction. It adds to the misery or the happiness in the world. So, let us be very, very responsible. Let us keep all our thoughts and emotions positive and pleasant.

Let us be calm always. Following just this principle will ensure the welfare of the individual and the whole world.

Do not respond to a situation or a person instantaneously and automatically. Be calm for the briefest moment and pause before responding. There is an ocean of Bliss within us. When we are calm we get connected to this ocean. The peace we experience from it will make a world of difference.

Let us respond from this state of inner peace instead of reacting automatically. If we can do this, our response will always be positive and peaceful.

This is how we live a Spiritual life. This is Sadhana. Sadhana is not just meditating for hours. It is being awake and aware every moment, in our every response to the world.

Knowing this and understanding this is good but it does not help unless we begin applying and practising it in everyday life.

Let us be aware of the impact we have on our world and make conscious efforts to practise being calm as much as possible. May all this help you.

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We All ARE One

We all ARE One

Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda

A person called me and said she was very much agitated for no reason. She could meditate but somehow she was not comfortable at any level.

When I tried to understand the source of her discomfort and agitation, I found very unusual energies in her. When I tried to find the source of these energies, I traced them to Haiti where an earthquake had occurred very recently! A lot of pain was being experienced there.

I cleared those energies, gave her a boost of very positive energies, and she was alright.

When I tried to understand more about this, it was revealed that the Rishis (Light Masters) removed more than 50% of the vibrations coming from the pain and the unimaginable suffering in Haiti.

The Rishis explained that the remainder of the pain had to be shared by every individual on this earth; each individual must somehow manage this pain.

Whenever such a disaster happens somewhere on earth, we presume we have nothing to do with it. We must realise that we all are One and we have to share the world’s pain. And the world too will share our pain.

With so many disasters happening and so much pain being generated in our world, how do we deal with it?

Light Channeling world movement Meditate every day, meditate more, channel more Light to the whole world and send more Light to the people affected by the disasters.

To channel Light, imagine an ocean of Light above, fill yourself with that Light first, and then after experiencing the Light for a few minutes, let the Light go out and fill the world for at least 7 minutes. Do this with great love.

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