What is our role now, before 2012 end and after 2012

Someone asked, “What is our role now, before 2012 end, and after 2012?”

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I say, it depends on your preparation. We have written many books on how to prepare. Are you ready to take up the Work? If you are ready, the Work comes to you automatically, somehow. Can you manifest Unconditional Love? Can you manifest the Life Force?

Right now, our work is to just grow spiritually. Equip yourself with Love and Knowledge. Channel Light. If possible, help others to channel Light. 

Tell a friend about channelling Light, gently and gracefully. Do not force or impose. Light works in its own way. If he is ready he will accept it. If not, he won’t be interested.

After 2012 there will be a lot of Work. The exact nature of the Work will be revealed only after 2012. The Rishis want a batch to be given special training to work for the post 2012 period. I hope some of you will volunteer for this.

Many things that are happening now, and many things that are going to happen are all part of a single huge process. The collapse of systems does not apply only to external systems like the financial system, the political system, etc. We will witness the collapse of systems within us also. We must allow certain collapses to occur. All that is preventing us from experiencing and manifesting Light should collapse.

We must choose Light not just once, but in every situation. We must choose Light and Love from our deepest level, the level of the soul. This is the best we can do now to prepare ourselves for 2012 end, and beyond.

Guruji Krishnananda


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