Turbulence is an Opportunity…

Guruji Krishnananda on current turbulent situation all around

Guruji Krishnananda

We have been going through a period of turbulence for quite some time now. We are now reaching the peak of the turbulence. The period between the last pair of eclipses (May-June) and the next pair of eclipses (November) is crucial. We can expect turbulence not only at the global level but also at the individual level and at every other level.

Instead of trying to escape this, which is impossible, we must prepare to face this period. No one can escape it because it is a part of a larger Spiritual process. 

The turbulence does not necessarily involve global events or major upsets. There could be minor upsets … seemingly minor, that may lead to very complex situations and unnecessary conflicts. We have to be fully alert and aware during this period so that we are in a position to make the right choices.

We have to be alert about any negativity creeping into us, and we should reject them. We must be aware of God’s grace in the form of abundant special energies flooding the earth. These energies help us tide over any situation.

In my opinion, the turbulence is an opportunity, an opportunity for everyone including the world leaders to contemplate, understand the higher realities, make the right choices and prepare for any eventuality.


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