Opportunities of transition

Guruji Krishnananda on Opportunities bestowed upon us by Transition 

Guruji Krishnananda

Now, people are awakening to the reality that there will be great changes soon. Those who are involved in the Light work are certain about the changes occurring at or after the end of this year. And we, working under the Rishis or the Light Masters, are aware that we are in the transitory period of entering the New Age. The transitory processes began years ago and they are intensifying now. The total Transition may occur immediately at the end of the year or it could be gradual spread over a few years. It is not clear yet. The Masters monitoring these processes have not decided about this yet.

We have to realize that this period is a great period of opportunity. Opportunity to grow fast spiritually. Someday, we have to spiritualise. We have to become good, honest and peaceful. It is a must to enter and live in the New Age. There is no choice. We have to choose and change. Those who do not choose and change perish. This is a reality that we have to realize.

During this period of Transition, various processes begin to operate. We may go through a kind of inner turbulence at the individual level and also all other levels beginning from the family to the society, nation and globe. We should not allow this to defeat the spirit of living. We have to realize that this turbulence is created to make us contemplate on life, the value system, the purpose of birth, life after death, New Age and many such realities which we never bothered to understand so far. Understanding these and learning the lessons of living a proper peaceful life is the purpose of all turbulence at all levels. Once we realize these and begin to live properly, the turbulence vanishes. Problems vanish. The Universe leads us into a higher life holding our hands and showering grace and Love.

The great Light Masters have provided us rare and essential knowledge about many unknown realities. They are providing us newer knowledge and techniques to enter the New Age. We have to understand this and also try to pass on to others without imposing and without any commercial interests. This is a part of the Revolution by Light. Knowledge is a part of the Light.

About Revolution by Light

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  1. Darliane says:

    interesting and informative post thanks a lot for posting it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yay google is my king assisted me to find this outstanding site!


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