Living in my Light

A person asked me, “How to live in your Light?”

Guruji Krishnananda

Although the Light in me is the same as the Light in you, there will be something very unique about each individual. If you want to live in my Light, I can mention a few of my preferences, which you may try to follow or adopt.

I always believe that the human part in us is to be understood and valued. Some people tend to think that to be Divine, we shouldn’t be human. The truth is, only if we are human we can be Divine. We have come down to the human plane to experience the humanness.

Cry when you feel like crying. Jump with joy if you feel like it. Don’t hesitate. Get a little angry, get a little jealous also. Live this life fully. If we don’t, we miss so much. There is so much of life here in this beautiful world.

Spirituality is living all this. It is not just meditating and trying to allow some energies to transform us. We have to experience all that is beautiful on this earth. There is so much of beauty here—nature, sky, seasons, rain, wind, butterflies, moonrise, music, literature, poetry … All this makes the human plane the most wonderful plane. That is why people from all other worlds rush to this earth. This earth is very, very special. We are here and we are missing all these things.

This is a plane of imperfections. Everyone is imperfect including me. We have to accept others as they are without complaining, grumbling and disliking strongly. When you do, it indicates that you have great love.

I don’t like to complain and grumble regardless of how difficult the situation is.

For me, these qualities are of great value. If you accept these and try to follow them, you will be living in my Light.

Guruji Krishnananda

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