What is Satsang?

Someone wanted to know the real meaning of Satsang.

In Sanskrit, ‘Sat’ means Truth and ‘Sang’ means ‘being in company of’. So, Satsang means, being in the company of Truth.

Usually, when people participate in spiritual discourses or group singing of devotional songs, they think they are in Satsang. This is not wrong but there are many other, higher ways.

Carry Light always. Light has peace, love… everything. If you are carrying Light within you, you are in the company of Truth, and that is Satsang.

Instead of being in a group, if you are alone, you can achieve real Satsang. When you are alone meditating or even contemplating, trying to align with the Divine, you will be in Satsang.

When you try to align with the Divine, whether you are alone or in the company of others does not matter.

When you look at the sky and try to experience the vastness, I say, you are in Satsang.

The highest level of Satsang is, being alone with God.

Guruji Krishnananda

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2 Responses to What is Satsang?

  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful passage…timeless truth. It would be great to find a spiritual community , a “satsang” of likeminded seekers…but this passage brings up a new idea..that a satsang can be found when one is alone, through communion with the Divine. If that’s the case, I’ve already found a satsang. 🙂


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