How to deal with bad thoughts?

How to deal with bad thoughts?

Light Channeling world movementReject all the bad thoughts. These negative thoughts do not originate from within. They are not our thoughts. If we go to a place where someone has just had a quarrel, those thoughts and energies affect us.

A very sensitive lady was travelling by an airplane. At some point, she felt very, very uncomfortable. When she checked, she found out that the plane was flying over a slaughter-house. So many animals are killed there ruthlessly and mercilessly, those vibrations and energies touched her, even though she was quite high in the sky.

You need not follow the negative thoughts. Why should you accept them? The best way of dealing with them is to reject them.

Carry Light always. When you carry Light, nothing that is false, nothing that is negative comes near you or affect you.

Guruji Krishnananda

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