Light Channelling – A Gift to Humanity

Light Channeling by students at a School

The Light is working.  There are awakenings.  There are changes, though they are not openly perceptible.  The conscience of the world is being stirred.  And the Revolution by Light is happening.

It does not mean that the acts of cruelty and corruption will reduce dramatically.  They do not.  But they surface and cannot be pushed under the carpet anymore.  Everything surfaces.  Surfacing is part one of the Revolution.  Then, waves of enragement against the acts of cruelty and corruption build up unknowingly, automatically.  It is the next stage.  Waves of this energy will act at deeper levels and then there will be an action.

One may think that this is a very long process.  Some may not believe this at all.  But, we have to remember that we are in very different times of intense Transition.  And many Intelligences and Energies are aligning to bring great changes faster.  We, the common people, have to, meanwhile, channel Light and wait.

Behind this seemingly simple technique, there are thousands of years of experimentation.  The Light Masters taught humanity how to meditate.  After that this technique of Light  channelling is the  most valuable and important technique they have gifted to us.

Watch light channeling technique video –

Guruji Krishnananda





About Revolution by Light

Light Channelling is a Silent Revolution for World Peace. Please Channel Light for minimum of 7 minutes daily, at anytime of the day & from anyplace. Contribute to World Peace. Heal yourself & Heal the World. Visit -,
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5 Responses to Light Channelling – A Gift to Humanity

  1. Elisangela Blaser says:

    I can feel deep in my soul, I have been awaking and more and more people awake around me!


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