Is Yoga the Union with the Divine?

Is Yoga the Union with the Divine?  

Guruji Krishnananda

      Yes. The Union can happen in two ways.

After our liberation from the cycles of birth and death, we will be completely in tune with the Divine and we go back to our Source. We go back to God and live with Him in complete Union. While we are there, we continue to retain our identity. This is one way of Union, one way of Yoga.

There is another way. For me this way is more important.

 While living here in this world you can align with God and be in tune with Him. When you are connected to God in this way, you are living in God, you are living in Yoga. When we live our day-to-day lives in alignment with God, we will be in Union. When we experience Yoga, we will be in harmony with everyone and everything, including nature.

While living in the routine of life, if you can establish harmony with the people around you, with the society, with the whole world and the Creation, you are in Yoga. It does not matter whether you are a meditator or not.

 If we cannot establish such harmony with the world, aligning with God and establishing harmony with Him is not possible. God is not a person living somewhere. He is in us and around us.

We live in this imperfect world. We are imperfect. In the present times, the imperfection is natural. When we understand this, we will be able to accept the imperfection and begin to experience the Union in our daily life.

Guruji Krishnananda

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    Beautifully and simply stated. Thank you Guruji!


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