What makes the knowledge become wisdom?

 Guruji Krishnananda on – Knowledge, Wisdom and Love. 

We say, knowledge is power. We know that knowledge is not wisdom. We go on gathering knowledge. We have to. What makes the knowledge become wisdom?

My guru said, it is love. Love converts knowledge into wisdom. Receive any knowledge, have any experience, even negative experiences. If you have love, you will convert them into wisdom. If you have strong intense love, you will manifest the wisdom in your life.

This is how we transform. That’s why a guru need not be a person.

We know that the real guru is God Himself. We can’t see Him but we can experience Him.

Love can be our Guru! Try it and see. Begin living every moment carrying great love. You will see that it transforms your life.

Love brings prosperity. Love solves all our problems, both the material and the Spiritual. I think this is a great lesson we are learning today.

To know what love really is, you have to experience it totally.

This is the love that Jesus Christ taught. In the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, there are no problems or conflicts. There is only love. With that love you can forgive anyone.

The time has come for us to stop living in the horizontal plane of competition, jealousy, hatred and all types of negativity. The time has come for us to live above this plane and there is not much time left; not decades or years; just a few months. We have to get ready fast.

Life has a bigger dimension. We haven’t explored it at all. Let us begin to live in the higher planes now so that we may enter the New Age, the Age of Love and Light.

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