Preparing for 2012 – It’s Time to Surrender…

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A person asked me “there are only three months for December 2012.  Is it enough for me to prepare for the Changes?”. Once  a person asked my Guru, how much time would it take to surrender ?  My Guru replied that it takes less than a minute !  He explained, you have to genuinely and wholly intend.  For that it does not take more than a minute.

       Preparing for the Changes of December 2012 is a Spiritual process.  We have to spiritualise to enter into the New Age.  Spiritualising is becoming good, honest and peaceful. To choose to become Spiritual, does not take more than a minute.  Choose and hold on to it.  This is what I have been telling everyone.  People are listening and attempting.  Some have chosen.  Some are attempting.  Some choose and go back to the old life. Many are not aware of this.

For those who are not aware of the December 2012 events and the importance of choosing, our Astral Light Workers are meeting them at the Astral level and are helping to prepare.  They may not be aware of these happenings at this level of Awareness.  But, I say, it is not important.  At any given time, we will not be aware of the happenings at the Astral level.   But we will be following the teachings of the Astral level at this level unconsciously.

The Light Masters are holding classes at thousands of places at the Astral level and are preparing people for the huge Changes expected at the end of the year 2012.  Many are awakened to the new realities.  It is the leaders that do not accept the probable Changes.  Leaders and people in power of all systems are the last to accept.  Systems like political, religious, educational, medicinal, social etc.  If they change fast they can facilitate to bring about the Changes.  But they are not ready.  It is always the few in positions of power that waged wars or worked for the welfare of the mankind.

I expect all the systems that are corrupt to collapse.  They have reached such points that they cannot be repaired.  That is why destruction cannot be avoided. Destruction of the systems and people who hold on to them.                                                                                                         

The Light Masters who are monitoring and working for the Life after 2012 are aware of all these.  They have plans for the Life after 2012.  They may reveal them to us or may not do so.  But, this is certain that those who have chosen are taken care of.

                                                                                                                Guruji Krishnanada


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2 Responses to Preparing for 2012 – It’s Time to Surrender…

  1. akio2k0 says:

    I’m ready and willing.
    curios about the walking it, id like a school for training
    ,even tho we are in the best school in the universe.
    im feeling the curiosity of a more intentional direction


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