How to serve the Creation?

A person asked me, “Is Moksha important?”

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Moksha, the final liberation, is ending the cycle of births and deaths and going back to our Source.

Yes, it is important. We are visitors to this Universe. We have come from a different realm. We have to go back someday, naturally. But there is something more important than going back.

In God’s Creation there is a lot of work. We can choose to take up this work and serve silently, instead of going back to our Source.

 How to serve the Creation?

 There are a million opportunities waiting for us. When we really choose to take up God’s work, we become aware of the opportunities.

But we are free not to choose to serve; we are free to return to our Source. It is not wrong. Nobody judges or questions us if we choose to go back.

The Light Masters chose to stay in the Creation and serve God because they Love God so much. They express their love through eternal selfless service.

There is one more important aspect.

God is everywhere, not just in the Source. If we can live in Him, we will be living a liberated life. This I think is higher Liberation.

How do we live in Him? We say, love is God. Carry love always, in every situation, all the time. You will be living in God and you will be liberated. This is higher liberation.

Guruji Krishnananda

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