Spiritual Experience – Expandedness

Guruji Krishnananda – A student asked me, “When we are expanded what should we feel?”

My answer is as follows.

 When you have the experience, you will know how you feel. Never approach such Spiritual experiences with a preconceived notion. If I tell you what to expect, then you will begin seeking that experience. And when you seek intensely, your mind will project the experience. You will be experiencing your mind’s projection instead of the real expansion.

Great artists bring out beauty not by seeking anything specific but by finding it through inspiration, which requires an open mind.

The area of Spiritual experiences is like an unknown territory. We just expand that’s all. We don’t know what we are going to experience. Each individual may experience something different. How can I say what you should feel?

So, do not have any expectations. Experience expandedness and find out how it feels. After you experience, write to me.

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2 Responses to Spiritual Experience – Expandedness

  1. Chakrapani Girimaji says:

    Dear Guruji, Are we not governed by Cause and effect, the law of nature, is there any place for blind belief, faith,but’s and if’s, which do not stand to reasons, I see that your teaching is mostly based on assumption, not based on facts. It has been established that our life is a puppet show basing on our KARMA, that is our past actions recorded in the form of sensation in the body, we also call it destiny. If your are interested to know more about this I am here,eliminating KARMA, THATIS STOPING PUPPET SHOW OF ME, i HAVE BEEN GREATLY BENIFITTED HERE IN THIS LIFE, LOVING YOUR’S, Girimaji


    • Dear Girimaji,

      Thank you for your comment. What I say, I say from my Experience. All experiences do not fit in the frame of logic. But they are true. I speak of what I know and do not expect others to accept it.

      God bless you.
      Guruji Krishnananda.


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