Past, Present and Future

Guruji Krishnananda on – Past, Present and Future 

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Nowadays, we hear a lot about the importance of living in the present, and that the past is not important and the future has not happened yet. In this context, someone asked me,

“Which is important, the past, the present or the future?”

For me all the three are important.

Because of the past choices, actions and Karmas, we are living in a particular track, a particular kind of life. We are what we are today largely because of the kind of experiences we have had in the past.

We carry a lot from our past. An example is child prodigies. A child exhibits the qualities of a genius without much training or education. Such capabilities are from the past.

The past is not over and done with. Though we cannot remember all of our past, they influence us even now. We still have to deal with it. So the past is important.

The Present is definitely important. It is our present acts, our present way of living that will determine our future. In the present we will be creating our own destinies, our future. So, the present is very important.

The future is also important because all the dreams that we have now, all our aspirations are experienced in the future. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations are about the future and play an important role in our present life.

So, they all are important.



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