Is liberation a one-time process?

Is liberation a one-time process?

An aspirant on the spiritual path wanted to know if liberation is a one-time process.

This is how I answered:   

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 No, it is not. It is a continuous process. It is a huge and long process.

To begin with, we have to get liberated from our own negative emotions and thoughts; we have to get rid of our prejudices. It may not seem easy. Liberation begins from within. We must allow it to continue.

Liberation from our own lower emotions and thoughts is possible when we try to live at a higher level. The horizontal life here is imperfect. There is imperfection everywhere. We are imperfect. There are shortcomings in us and in others. Even as we are aware of all this, we have to live at a higher level. Only then we can get liberated from the lower emotions and thoughts.

Once we reach a higher level, we have to try to reach a still higher level to get liberated from the present level. There are many levels. Like the steps on a stairway, we can reach a higher step only when we leave a lower step.

In my opinion, liberation is a very easy process, though most people think it is very difficult. I see this happening in people around me. When they are in a situation that they cannot change, they choose to accept it. Such acceptance brings liberation.

When you carry Light with you always, you need not fear anything. Accept Light. Light is God. God is with us.

Getting liberated from one level to a higher level, we ultimately reach God or Light, call Him by any name. We can then say we have reached the Final Liberation.

If you want to achieve this, you must attempt it sincerely and seriously and not superficially. And when you get liberated, you will be living in such a wonderful and beautiful state, you will be experiencing God all the time.

Guruji Krishnananda

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