Preparing for 2012

One of the questions most frequently asked to Guruji was, “How to prepare for the events of 2012?” On one occasion, he answered as follows:

“The Rishis (Light Masters) have given two very clear instructions about preparing for 2012. They may appear familiar but they are very important.

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The Light Masters emphatically say that we must remove all negativity from our system. This is something we all are capable of doing. All that we need to do is, make up our mind. Once we do that, we can consciously remove all narrow-mindedness and all forms of negativity in us.”

Their next instruction is to always carry Light in our system. By ‘always’, they mean all the time! Think that you are Light and live accordingly. It is not enough if we experience Light during Meditation and occasionally think of Light. We must carry Light all the time. Even when we are working, the Light will be in the background. It is definitely possible. Try to carry the Light when you are attending to your work.”


“The Light Masters observe that the earth is eager to enter the New Age. The animals, birds and nature are all waiting for the New Age. But many people are not. It is very sad. All the new energies that are flooding the earth are easily received and absorbed by the earth, nature, animals and plants. But many people reject the energies! Many are not ready for the New Age”.

At the end of 2012, we will not enter the New Age completely. But we enter a phase of the New Age. After studying the impact of entering this phase, the Light Masters will decide about the amount of time we require to enter the New Age fully. From now onwards, global transformation will go faster”.

– Guruji Krishnananda


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