what is ignorance

A Spiritual seeker asked me – what is ignorance?

Ignorance is mainly about ourselves. We think we are the body or the mind. We are not these bodies. We are not the mind. We are not the intellect. We are not what or who we think we are.

We don’t know who we are. We are particles of Light. We are Souls. Many are not aware of this. This is ignorance.

Ignorance is believing that death is the end and we cease to exist after that.

This is not true. Death is a doorway. The body dies and we have a magnificent life after that.

Ignorance is about God, Creation and spirituality.

People normally don’t think about these things much when they have all the comforts of life. They say they don’t believe in God, and endlessly go after material possessions until something jolts them into awakening. Such a wakeup call could be the start of their spiritual journey.

What is Spiritual?

Spirituality is not going to temples or practising some rituals. It is just being good, honest and peaceful at all levels, which is very difficult to accept and believe for most.

Ignorance is about Meditation. People do not know much about the importance of Meditation. Ignorance is about Spiritual laws like the law of Karma, reincarnation, freewill, etc.

Guruji krishnananda

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