A Spiritual seeker asked me, “What is Oneness?”

I answered as follows:

Oneness It begins with the awareness that we the human beings, all animate and inanimate beings, nature, stars, galaxies and everything else are one. We are all made of the same Consciousness.

The next step is to experience the Oneness. Unless we experience it, we will not know what it really means. Since it is not easy for everyone to experience Oneness, it must be practised gradually. You can begin by practising Oneness with a small group such as your classmates or colleagues, and gradually expand it to the whole world.

When we experience Oneness we will never go against the Divine Plan. We also receive Divine Energies and true knowledge.

The turmoil that we see in the world today is only at the surface level. At the deeper level there is stillness. When we practise Oneness, we experience this stillness.

When we experience Oneness, we experience and manifest love automatically without any effort.

Here is a technique that may help you in experiencing Oneness:

Imagine you are a small globe of White Light. Experience the Light for a few minutes. Then, imagine those around you and your associates to be small globes of Light and experience them. Next, imagine all other human beings and everything else in Creation as Light. Experience the Light for several minutes. Practise it for as long as possible.

Guruji Krishnananda


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