Celebrating God’s Presence

Celebrating God's Presence

Celebrating God’s Presence

We wish our beloved Guruji a very Happy 74th Birthday. We miss his physical form but we do not miss him, because his Divine Energies are installed in our hearts forever. Just as he had promised, he continues to guide us from the Astral Level. We have felt his Guidance, protection and Love. From the Heavens above, dear Guruji, please accept our Love and deepest Regards.

Your Disciples, Students and Followers.

About Revolution by Light

Light Channelling is a Silent Revolution for World Peace. Please Channel Light for minimum of 7 minutes daily, at anytime of the day & from anyplace. Contribute to World Peace. Heal yourself & Heal the World. Visit - www.lightchannels.com, www.facebook.com/lightchannels
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