Spiritual Life

“When can we say our Spiritual life has begun?” – A student asked me this question.

This is my answer.
SpiritualityThe Spiritual life does not begin with going to temples or with ritualistic worship.
It does not begin with wearing saffron clothes or Rudrakshas (prayer beads).
The Spiritual life does not begin even when you join a Spiritual Path and take up meditations. All these are spiritual pursuits, no doubt.
Some meditators even after many years of meditations get angry and behave like ordinary people. So, just taking up Meditations does not automatically imply that our Spiritual life has begun.
Our Spiritual journey begins only when we begin manifesting love.
Only when we truly begin manifesting love, we can manifest the Divine. Unless we know the Divine by direct experience, we cannot manifest the Divine.

Without manifesting the Divine, our Spiritual journey does not begin, and we cannot consider ourselves Spiritual. So, our Spiritual life begins when we learn to manifest the Divine and truly manifest unconditional love all the time.

Guruji Krishnananda


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