What is Maya..?

I have been asked the following question several times.

“What is Maya and why was it created?”

Guruji with Students

Guruji with Students

Maya is very commonly misunderstood as an illusion in a negative sense.

Without the faculty of Maya, we would see everything in Creation as Light because everything is fundamentally Light.
To be able to see the diversity of Creation and on this earth such as the hills, rivers, birds, the rainbows, etc., we need the faculty of Maya. Without it, it would be impossible to see and experience all the beauty that God has created for us. So, Maya is a gift.

But we must always remember that behind all this, there is Light, which is God Himself.

This world is temporary. The entire Creation is temporary. Someday it will not exist. Our bodies are also temporary.

Even as we experience and enjoy the Creation, we must be aware that it is temporary. Believing that it is permanent is the illusion.

But the temporary realities are also important. Just because they are temporary, we should not consider them to be less important. If you have fever now, it is a reality and you have to address it.

Every problem is a reality. This life is a reality. Every reality is important.

Understanding that all realities are important, whether temporary or permanent, and to be aware of the Light behind them always is being Spiritual.

Guruji Krishnananda


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