Understanding Light

A person asked me, “When I pray to the Light for help, sometimes I get the help and sometimes I don’t. Why?”

Remember always, the Light has Supreme Intelligence. The Light knows what is best for us and what is not. Even if we think we are wise, our wisdom is nothing compared to the wisdom of the Light.

The Light knows the past and the future. When we ask for something, the Light knows whether it is going to be good for us or not. People will be asking for so many things, good things, not so good things …

Even if we believe that we are asking for something good, we might be asking for it at the wrong time. There could be so many factors unknown to us.

The Light definitely wants to help us and grant us whatever we ask for but sometimes, the Light does not oblige us. Please understand that even when we think that the Light is not helping us, It will be helping us by not helping in the way we expect.

You can understand this easily when you love the Light. When you have great love for the Light, you will understand and trust the Light completely. You will trust the Light’s discretion and judgment and accept it totally.

You will be able to accept the Light completely when you align with the Light and make Light your inner guide.

Accept the Light with all your faith. You will be guided properly always.

Guruji Krishnananda

About Revolution by Light

Light Channelling is a Silent Revolution for World Peace. Please Channel Light for minimum of 7 minutes daily, at anytime of the day & from anyplace. Contribute to World Peace. Heal yourself & Heal the World. Visit - www.lightchannels.com, www.facebook.com/lightchannels
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