Realising the Spiritual Ultimate

A student asked me, “Can Meditation alone take us to the Spiritual ultimate?”

This is my answer:



Meditation is the first step in our Spiritual journey. It is enough to begin with, like choosing a new track or entering a doorway.

Meditation initiates certain processes in us. After beginning the journey, we must make efforts at other times to grow spiritually by positivising.

Meditation begins with silencing our system, which connects us to the ocean of stillness. To experience stillness in Meditation, we must be calm at other times by avoiding negative thoughts, emotions and agitations.

Our true nature is Love, Peace and Joy. When we make efforts to manifest our true nature in our living, we experience stillness during Meditation.

In stillness, our Awareness begins to expand. It rises to higher levels of consciousness.

We experience higher levels of consciousness and come in contact with the Divine Light. We begin to experience the Divine Light and ultimately, we become the Divine Light.

All this happens by Divine Grace. For our part, we just sit for Meditation and offer ourselves in surrender to the Divine.

So, Meditation alone is not enough to reach the ultimate. Meditation can lead us to the ultimate when combined with our sincere efforts during Meditation and at other times, and most importantly, by Divine Grace.

Meditation is a very important step in our Spiritual journey. As we progress, we realise that all life is Sadhana.

Guruji Krishnananda


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