Suffering and Spiritual Progress

Suffering and Spiritual Progress – (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

“Is suffering absolutely necessary for our Spiritual progress?”

I have been asked this question many times by Spiritual aspirants.

No, suffering is not absolutely required. We can progress spiritually without suffering.

But suffering helps in many ways.

When we suffer, we learn to put down our egos and understand how to be humble.

Through our suffering, we can understand the pains and problems of others, and develop compassion. It also increases our level of endurance.

We suffer when we don’t find solutions to our problems at the physical level. So, we try to deal with life from a higher level.

Suffering helps us turn inward, which is very important for Spiritual Progress.

When we turn inward, we introspect and let go of our superficial activities. We tend to give up our superficial relationships and retain only deep and meaningful ones.

Turning inward helps us experience solitude, which helps in our awakening.

Suffering drives us towards spirituality and it really helps in spiritualising.

But that does not mean we cannot grow spiritually without suffering. It is not absolutely necessary.

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