Beginning our Spiritual Journeys

Beginning our Spiritual Journeys
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

I was asked this question, “Am I ready for the Spiritual life? How do we begin our Spiritual life?”

My answer was as follows.

Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda

The very fact that you are asking this question indicates that you are ready for the Spiritual life. The truth is, everyone is ready for it, but they are not aware of it.

And even if they become aware of it, they somehow go on postponing it.

“How do we begin our Spiritual life?”

There are many ways to make a beginning.

We can begin by taking up Meditation, or we can begin by positivising.

When we positivise, we do it at the levels of our thoughts, emotions and deeds all the time, for our entire lives.

We can begin our Spiritual life by practising Humility.

Humility is very, very important for our Spiritual journey. In fact, without humility, we cannot make any spiritual progress at all.

We can also begin by manifesting love and respecting others. Or, we can begin by experiencing Oneness with everyone.

The interesting thing is, if you make a beginning with any one of them, you will soon realize that you are practising all of them. For example, if you begin Meditations, you will become humble. If you begin with humility, you will naturally begin loving others.

And when you experience unconditional love, you will experience oneness with everyone and everything, and you will become humble naturally.

All the Spiritual ways are connected. You can choose any way and practise it sincerely, and you will progress spiritually.

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  1. says:

    Personal experience is that meditation, to start with, helps. Discipline of sitting down quietly for a reasonable time every day and attempt to follow the teachings of Guruji in at least some measure, slowly unfolds so many truths and brings down stress and tensions….


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