Forgiveness – Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda

“What is forgiveness?” I have been asked this question many times. Another question that is asked is, “What is beyond forgiveness?”

Let us understand that forgiveness is not an act of kindness towards another person.

Forgiveness is an act of surrender. The unconditional acceptance and surrender releases us from the bondage of resentment and bitterness.

What is beyond forgiveness?

Beyond forgiveness and surrender there is total freedom. It is an irony that only when we surrender, we are truly free, and, only when we are free, we can surrender.

It is generally understood that when we surrender, we lose our freedom. It may seem like a contradiction but it is not so. Surrendering is not giving up our freewill; it is consciously aligning with the Divine Will in every situation. Contemplate on this.

Forgiveness and surrender lead to the experience of Oneness with the Divine. After forgiveness and surrender, there is only Love and Light.

To realise this, we have to actually practise it and see. Otherwise, all this will be just an intellectual understanding.

When you get hurt, try to forgive unconditionally. It is not easy. But if you succeed, you would have made a great stride in your Spiritual journey.


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1 Response to Forgiveness

  1. Forgiveness, widely talked, yet not widely walked, is nothing short of nourishment for an overburdened heart. Releasing me, as well as you from a place neither of us wants to be. In a word… freedom.
    Within a compassionate heart, I notice you matter in every situation. This in itself is salvation, releasing me from something that would otherwise eat me up from the inside out.
    By putting myself above no one alleviates digestive distress, therefore enables me to process this very large meal I’ve just been served, in a way I won’t later regret.
    Through the mirror of self recognition, I’m unable to think what you do is worse than what I do. That my hurt, hurts more than yours. And its through this thoughtful heart, I secure a safe path for both of us through the foibles of life, keeping us equally yoked… equally blessed.


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