Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life – Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda

“How to celebrate life?” I have been asked this question by many.

There are so many ways to celebrate life.

Celebrating God's Presence

Celebrating God’s Presence

Be full of joy all the time and spread this joy around to people, to everything around, to all life around you.

Experience the vast sky, experience the flight of birds, butterflies, and the passing clouds.

Enjoy the sound of running water, the movement of plants and the rustle of their leaves, the rain, the sunrise, the sunset, and the moonlight.

Learn to enjoy music, poetry, art, literature, ideas, people … think of anything. There is so much of life around us. Learn to experience and enjoy everything. Experiencing is a part of celebration. This is how we celebrate life.

We celebrate life when we live life fully.

And most importantly, help others to celebrate life as well.

We have come down to this earth to experience and celebrate life. This entire Creation has been brought forth for us to experience.

And never grumble and complain, even if there are many reasons for grumbling and complaining.

We have to take life in its stride. Accept everything, accept everyone. Accept life. Accepting life the way it is, is also a part of celebration.


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