Surrender – Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda

A spiritual seeker asked me this question, “While living in this world is surrender possible?”

Here is my answer:

It is possible. In fact we find opportunities to surrender only when we live in this world.

Surrender is total acceptance at all levels.

There are several aspects to surrender. Before surrender, there is unconditional love and complete trust. We trust others deeply, when we relate to them at the soul level.

Trust and faith can only be total, they cannot be partial. We either have faith or we don’t have faith.

A soul is a Divine Spark, a speck of Light. When we relate to each other at the level of the soul, we trust completely.

When we trust others completely, we surrender to the Light in them. When we truly surrender, there will be a reciprocation from the others. We relate to them at the deepest level.

Such relationships are genuine and permanent.

We can extend this to the greater Light, the Ocean of Light or God Himself.

When we love and trust God completely, we can surrender to Him. And when we surrender to God, we will be automatically aligned with Him.

When we accept and surrender to God, our entire living will be guided at all levels by Him. He also monitors and protects us because we accept Him totally.

Even in human love, there is trust, acceptance and surrender. Without surrender, true love is not possible.

So, while living in this world, surrender is possible.

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