Becoming Universal

Becoming Universal – Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda

A lady was travelling in a bus. She was looking at the people moving around outside. Suddenly she felt a surge of immense love within her. Then she saw everyone as Light.

What a great experience!

She had not made any conscious effort to send Light and yet, it happened. She was in that state for a short time.

What actually happened was that she briefly became Universal.

How does this happen?

Light  is your Companion

Light is your Companion

If we carry Love and Light in us always, this happens. It happens when we love this world, when we love the life on this earth and when we love everyone.

This is an experience of total Oneness during which she became a Universal being.

The Divine Light that she experienced has everything—Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom, Eternal Peace and Abundance.

Carry Light within you always. You will have abundance. Abundance is not just material wealth. Abundance includes love, peace, health, etc.

To become a Universal Being, one can practise the following:

– Fill yourself with Divine Light and carry It with you always.

– Experience Divine Light at the core of your being.

– Get connected to everyone and everything and experience Oneness.

– Get connected to the Greater Core, God Himself.

– Spread the Divine Light to everyone and everything.

– Manifest the Divine Light in your living.

– Become Light.

We can definitely practise all of these if we make efforts. When we carry Light always, we will not behave like ordinary human beings. We will be Universal, like the citizens of the Light Age. We will be like God Himself.

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