Am I Doing Enough..?

Am I Doing Enough – Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda

I was touched when a person asked me this question:

“All around, there is so much of hate, greed and gossip. I keep asking myself ‘Am I doing enough?’ I think I need to meditate more and channel more Light.”

It is amazing that people can think like this, taking responsibility for the life around them.

It is true. When we see the life around or in the world, it is not merely imperfect, it is horrifying. But nobody asked the question ‘Am I doing enough to get rid of these things?’

Such questions prompt us to do more.

Revolution If you feel the same, I suggest you to Meditate more and spread more Light to bring about more transformation in others. Let us do this regularly and sincerely.

We don’t know whether we are doing enough or not. But we are contributing to world peace at least to some extent by meditating and channelling Light. We are doing our bit.

If possible, do more. If you cannot do more, do not get frustrated or feel defeated by the imperfection around. This is very important.

The darkness of thousands of years cannot be removed with one single candle. Do not lose hope. It takes time. It takes participation from the masses.

Let us also be aware that people are indeed changing, though it is not easy to notice the changes. There is transformation definitely. There is an awakening. The world is changing.

Let the transformation begin from us. When we transform, the world also transforms because we are a part of this world.

If you are serious about helping others transform, take up Light Channelling. Spread Light to the whole world as much as you can. You will be doing a great service to humanity.

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  1. arthanareeswaran kumarasamy says:

    Great answers of Guruji. Thanks 


    K.Arthanareeswaran Asst. General Manager  NABARD Tamil Nadu Regional office Chennai – 600 034 


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