Education and Spirituality

Education and Spirituality – Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda

I have come across this question many times: “Why do educated people commit wrongful acts?” or “Why do educated people behave badly?”

The simple answer is, they commit wrongful acts because they are not educated spiritually.

This makes all the difference. The formal education is not enough because it does not teach or emphasise much on spirituality.

One must know what is right and what is wrong. This is possible even if one is not educated because everyone has conscience.

Our conscience always guides us properly. If we listen to it and follow its advice, we will choose only the right things.

The conscience guides us in every situation and alerts us about the mistake we are about to commit, but somehow we completely ignore it.

When people commit wrongful acts, they usually say, “I didn’t realise I was making a mistake” or “Someone influenced me”, etc. All this could be true, but we are always aware that this is a wrong thing because our conscience would be telling us about it.

We may fail to listen to our conscience, but it never fails us because, conscience is the voice of God Himself.

Understanding some simple truths behind our birth and death, reincarnation, the value of goodness and honesty and the fact that what we give will come back to us, help us avoid committing wrongful acts and not formal education.


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