ECLIPSES of April 2014

TWIN ECLIPSES of April 2014

Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda

Eclipses are very important events. They bring major changes at all levels – individual, society, nation and the entire globe. We may not notice them. All these changes depend on the Karmas and the Time. Generally, the effect of an eclipse begins 48 days in advance and lasts for the next 48 days. Every eclipse has its influence all over the world. That is why during an eclipse, we choose to meditate. Eclipses are the best time to meditate.

Every eclipse releases a lot of subtle energies which cover this entire earth. If we meditate during the eclipse period, the eclipse energies clear our Karmas, heal us and bring us enormous inner strength. Every eclipse is important; every eclipse brings us wonderful new energies which help us to positivise and transform.

The Spiritual energies of an eclipse are subtle. They remain in the atmosphere and do not enter us unless we invite them. When we meditate and welcome them, they enter us, help us and bring us enormous benefits.

Twin eclipses amplify the effect. We are on the verge of a twin eclipse. The first of the two, a Lunar Eclipse is on 15th April 2014 from 10.23AM to 04.07PM (Indian Standard Time). The second is a Solar Eclipse on 29th April 2014 from 09:22AM to 01:44PM.

This is a great opportunity, it will have many doorways. If we choose their will be a leap in our Spiritual progress. This eclipse helps us in a million ways. Meditating or channelling Light during the entire eclipse period is the best thing to do. This is a very important eclipse. It helps us to totally transform in every way and get rid of all types of problems.

The effect of the #eclipse will be to push us towards a more sensible life. This eclipse is all about a Shift in #Consciousness, a shift in our priorities. The main priority in our life should be to positivise and grow spiritually. All that we do on the material plane is of no value unless we positivise, unless we progress spiritually. Every eclipse takes us towards the New Age.

When we meditate during the eclipse period, we receive more eclipse energies and certain Spiritual processes that are going on in our system will get strengthened and hastened. Eclipses always bring us new energies which will initiate new #Spiritual processes; strengthen the old Spiritual processes. Every eclipse helps us to take a step ahead. We have to always welcome the eclipses.

This Knowledge is from the #Rishis of India. It has been received by Guruji Krishnananda.

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