Moderation is Spiritual

Moderation is Spiritual
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

A serious and sincere meditator told me that she does not feel like meeting people anymore. She says she wants to avoid people; if she has any visitors she will be waiting for them to go away. And she enjoys being alone.

It is a natural and good development. It is good to enjoy being alone. But we must remember that we live in a world that was created by God for us. God gifted us this world. We should not isolate ourselves from the world, from people.

Any extreme is not Spiritual. Moderation is the Mantra.

We have to spend time alone each day. When we are alone, we are with God.

But other people are also God. The world is God. We should not keep away from them.

When people stay away from others for long, they begin disliking them. The dislike may lead to a hatred of the world outside. This is not right.

We should not hate anyone or anything. We should not judge or criticize anyone.

The world is not perfect. We are not perfect. We are in Times of imperfection.

But we are moving into the advanced Times of the Light Age, where we all enjoy living a perfect life in a perfect world.

While we wait for such advanced times, let us follow moderation, avoid extremes and live a balanced life.

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1 Response to Moderation is Spiritual

  1. But meditation in moderation is it enough because I am very much confused as moderation in meditation is enough to attain “stillness” now and then or this stillness is a blessing from the God or is due to once own “vairagya ” and ” freewill ” to attain it.


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