The Right Path

The Right Path
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

“How do I know that I am on the right Path?”

I have been asked this question several times.

life If you are comfortable with the practices and the teachings of the Path, then you are on the right Path.

If you feel you have freedom in the Path, if the Path is not stifling with many do’s and don’ts, if the Path does not impose anything on you, then you know that it is the right Path for you.

A Path will have certain guidelines that help the individual to grow. But even these should not be imposed. They are accepted and adopted by the individual of his own accord, when he feels free to do so. If you have such freedom, then it is the right Path for you because, Spiritual growth is possible only in freedom. It can never be forced.

If you have felt that your peace has increased, if you have found relief from stress and depression, if you are experiencing a new Joy, then you have found the right Path.

If the Path inspires you to live life to the fullest, and not shun life, if it helps you expand your thinking, emoting and living, then it is the right Path for you.

There are many such paths. Remember, the ultimate choice is made by you.

Have faith in yourself to begin with. Then, get guided by your own intuition and choose a Path.

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  1. seamlessly right path has choose n me .thank you God for your love and light


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