The Scientific Way

The Scientific Way
(Written by Guruji Krishnananda in 1989)

The scientific way is of Inquiry; questioning. It is an open-minded probe into the Unknown.

Nothing is accepted blindly. Nothing is rejected also blindly. And it is here that many blunder. They reject the Unknown as false when the small frames of our infant science fail to capture it. Blind faith is not good. And blind non-faith is also not the refuge.

An open-inquiry without accepting or rejecting anything is the way of science; the scientific temper. Spiritual phenomena and matters are the common victims of blind rejection.

A Rational approach is essential to the Spiritual Science. The Kundalini and the Chakras are not ‘seen’ but have been accepted as facts. But the existence of ‘unseen’ Rishis is disputed as blind faith!

The physical eyes are not the only β€œeyes”. Opening up of the other eyes is the first step of a Rational; a real Rational. The Scientific Way.

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