(Written by Guruji Krishnananda)

Spirituality What is Spirituality?
Visiting Temples, performing Poojas, observing Vratas, going on pilgrimages, giving alms, performing Homas & Yagas, reciting Vedas, singing Bhajans … all these activities, are good. When understood properly they transcend from religious to Spiritual.

If we can recognise the presence of God in everyone and everything, if we can perform work as service to God, then the work in the office, driving a bus, selling a thing or polishing a shoe becomes Spiritual. The demarking line between the Material and the Spiritual vanishes. Whole life becomes Spiritual.

Tuning to God is Spirituality. Tuning is Yoga; the Union. We need not go through postures and breathing exercises. We can establish the contact with Him in the hour of Meditation and keep it alive in the other hours of work and rest.


About Revolution by Light

Light Channelling is a Silent Revolution for World Peace. Please Channel Light for minimum of 7 minutes daily, at anytime of the day & from anyplace. Contribute to World Peace. Heal yourself & Heal the World. Visit - www.lightchannels.com, www.facebook.com/lightchannels
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