Clearing Karmas

Clearing Karmas
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

“When will my Karmas get cleared?”, asked a student.

We already know that when we meditate and experience stillness, when we transform, our Karmas get cleared gradually.

But the Rishis (Light Masters) gave a very unusual answer.

meditation-Surrendar They said when we completely surrender all our Karmas, they get cleared. I want you to contemplate on this.

When we are in a state of complete surrender, all the laws like the laws of Karma will not be applicable to us.

And how does one truly surrender?

Surrender begins with great love towards God and His Creation.

When you manage to put down your ego, when the ego is zero and you begin living with humility, surrender begins. With conscious efforts it is not very difficult to put down the ego.

If we can be aware of the Presence of Light (God) around and within us all the time, and lead a life guided by the great Light, we can say we have surrendered.

Surrender at the highest level is becoming Light completely. There will be absolutely no trace of our personality. We surrender even the ambition for Liberation. We will be living in Light, breathing Light, our whole life will be Light.

In such a state, there will be no Karmas.

Even after surrendering, we continue to have our freewill. Surrendering is a continuous process.


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