Witness your thoughts

Witness your thoughts
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

At any given time our mind is full of many types of thoughts and emotions. Most of them are so unimportant, so unrelated to the purpose of our existence. These thoughts and emotions have caused so much damage, wasted so much of our life, we have forgotten the real purpose of being born here.

Please understand that we are not these thoughts and emotions. We are different from them. We are Light. We are Love. We are Peace. We are Truth.

These disturbing, angry and unhappy thoughts and emotions are not ours.

Try to be a witness to your thoughts and emotions. Do not identify with them. When you become a witness, you will automatically distance yourself from them.

When you are a witness to your thoughts and emotions, you will find them very amusing. You will wonder at the number of thoughts that come and go. Let them pass. Do not let them in.

We unnecessarily get involved with them and spend all our energy and time on them. We will have no peace. When we create a distance between ourselves and our thoughts, we feel that they are so unrelated to us.

So, be a witness, distance yourself and reject them. When we try to be a witness, we don’t feel disturbed. We will be at peace, and we allow others also to be at peace.


About Revolution by Light

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