The Child In Us

The Child In Us
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

There is a child in each one of us. Keep the child alive and active. Please don’t drive the child away.

joy Let the child in you remain a child. Let the child not grow. If you allow it to grow, it will lose its innocence and become like us, too logical, too materialistic, self-centred, selfish, and shrewd.

The child in us can look at the stars, wonder and dream, but if we allow it to grow, we will be incapable of dreaming. We kill all our dreams.

The grownups do not care about others’ feelings; they don’t mind hurting others, they even do it deliberately.

Let the child not grow and do all these things. If we nurture the child in us, it helps us a lot to grow spiritually. Let the child remain innocent. Let the child be gazing at the stars, dreaming, wondering, loving, of course mischievous and always hopeful.

Most of us ignore the child in us. Keeping the child in us alive is an important part of our Spiritual Quest.

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