Why Should We Meditate?

Why Should We Meditate
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

A student on the Spiritual Path asked me, “Why should we meditate?”

People take up Meditations for different reasons to begin with. They take up Meditations usually to find solutions to their various problems—health issues, financial difficulties, problems with relationships, to overcome stress, to find peace and so on.



After they spend some time meditating, they realise that there is a greater purpose in taking up Spiritual Practice. They become aware of higher Truths, higher realities, and their problems either get resolved or they begin to look less important or trivial.

As they spend more time in their Sadhana, their goal shifts from solving their problems to achieving higher Spiritual goals.

Their goal keeps expanding, and ultimately, they set their goal on attaining freedom—to free themselves from all bondages and to become Light, and go back to their Source.

Our Source is Light. Our Source is God. Our ultimate goal is to go back to Him and become Him.

Until we reach the highest goal, Meditations help us live this life sensibly, peacefully and fully.

Living this life in this moment properly is most important. If we live properly in the present, the future is taken care of automatically.

So, we take up Meditations for many reasons in the beginning, and ultimately, to become Light.

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