What will save our world?

What will save our world?
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

“Who or what will save the world?” Someone asked this very interesting question.

Divine Love The one-word answer to this question is, Love. It is love that saves the world.

What is the source of this love?

Us. It has to come from us. So, it is WE who can save the world. Of course, God helps when we manifest love. But the main players are us, the citizens of this world.

Incidentally, I saw in the newspaper, a photo of a blind man struggling to open a tap to drink water. Also in the photo was a monkey helping the blind man open the tap!

That was very touching. There is so much of love in the Universe. If we all could have the love that the monkey had, that would be enough. There will be absolutely no destruction and no suffering on this earth.

Sadly, we do not carry such love. Instead, we generally carry a lot of non-love, which is why we attract so much of pain. People’s collective non-love can cause great destruction.

Some individuals do carry a lot of love but that is not enough to balance all the non-love on this earth. If there were enough love in this world, there would be no wars, no terrorism and no need for the military.

That is the challenge; to carry love always and to consciously manifest love in every thought, in every emotion and in every act. In addition to this, we must hunt for every trace of non-love within us and remove it. If we try it, we realise that it is not very difficult.

Being spiritual is not about having powers. It is being good, honest and manifesting genuine love for the fellow human being and nature.

The Universe is waiting for us to return to our original state of goodness. Such goodness will save the world.

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1 Response to What will save our world?

  1. Great ,clean the garbage inside then love pours in .Man has the origin from monkey mostly except love. with love and light


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