Manifesting Consciously

Manifesting Consciously
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

We all are concerned about our Spiritual progress. The Rishis (Light Masters) want all of you to rise to their level. They are concerned about your Spiritual progress.

They observe and say that though we are making progress, it is very slow and it is not enough.

How can we grow faster?

Manifest Love The Rishis say, β€œWe are not consciously manifesting love.”

We are not consciously manifesting all that we experience in our Meditation. When we meditate, we experience peace, stillness, bliss and love; we experience the Divine. This is the first part of our Sadhana (Spiritual effort).

The second and the most important part of Sadhana is to manifest all this in our living. Only when we manifest them we get tuned to the Divine.

When we are in tune with the Divine we live in harmony with the world; we do not make mistakes and we will always be positive. We remain in a heightened state all the time.

Spiritual pursuit is not one hour of daily meditation. It is manifesting the Divine 24 hours a day.

In the beginning this may seem very difficult because we get involved in the business of life.

When you begin the day, fill yourself with Love. Throughout the day, be conscious of the Love in you and it will keep flowing out from you even when you are working. Whenever you get a break from work, think of the love flowing from within.

Without manifesting the Divine transformation cannot occur.

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