How we impact our World

How we impact our World
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Our every thought, every emotion and every act impacts the world.

Our thought, good or bad, reaches others and triggers a chain reaction. It adds to the misery or the happiness in the world. So, let us be very, very responsible. Let us keep all our thoughts and emotions positive and pleasant.

Let us be calm always. Following just this principle will ensure the welfare of the individual and the whole world.

Do not respond to a situation or a person instantaneously and automatically. Be calm for the briefest moment and pause before responding. There is an ocean of Bliss within us. When we are calm we get connected to this ocean. The peace we experience from it will make a world of difference.

Let us respond from this state of inner peace instead of reacting automatically. If we can do this, our response will always be positive and peaceful.

This is how we live a Spiritual life. This is Sadhana. Sadhana is not just meditating for hours. It is being awake and aware every moment, in our every response to the world.

Knowing this and understanding this is good but it does not help unless we begin applying and practising it in everyday life.

Let us be aware of the impact we have on our world and make conscious efforts to practise being calm as much as possible. May all this help you.

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  1. kayesaar says:

    excellent very useful and easily followable


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