A Glimpse into the Nature of God

A Glimpse into the Nature of God
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

I had a very beautiful experience. I would like to share it with you.

A few years back, I had gone to Anekal to look for a site to build a Meditation Hall. In one of the sites that I was thinking of buying, there was an old tree. When I looked at the tree, it talked to me. It was no ordinary tree. It said, “This is the site where you should build the Meditation Hall.”

So, I chose this site, though there were cheaper sites available. Now we have our centre there.

Recently, I had been there. In the tree there were thousands of caterpillars eating the fresh and tender leaves. One of the volunteers had brought pesticide to be sprayed on the tree to kill the caterpillars. Before spraying he asked me whether he can go ahead.

So, I asked the tree, “Shall we spray pesticide on the caterpillars?”

The tree said, “No. Please don’t spray it. I want these caterpillars to eat the leaves. After that, I will bring out more new leaves.”

When I explained this to the volunteer, he had tears in his eyes. It was very, very touching indeed.

This is how nature is—kind, magnanimous, abundant, ready to give, expecting nothing in return.

This experience gives us a glimpse into the nature of God Himself.

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1 Response to A Glimpse into the Nature of God

  1. alka says:

    Awww, its so beautiful!!!


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