The Real Meaning of Akshaya Tritiya

The Real Meaning of Akshaya Tritiya – Based on Guruji Krishnananda’s Teachings

The festival of Akshaya Tritiya is on 21st April 2015. In India this day is marked by purchase of gold items. But the Truth is that this day has nothing to do with gold. How this trend started and why it became so popular is not known.

We had once sought to understand the relevance of Akshaya Tritiya from Guruji Krishnananda. Guruji was like an encyclopedia, a one-man inexhaustible store-house of rare and ancient knowledge.

Guruji explained as follows: “This day is for new beginnings. A special energy is available on this day; we can imagine it to have a form. This energy is a part of Mahavishnu. This energy can help us in achieving our resolutions and goals. New projects can be started on this day. If we already have projects then these will be strengthened.”

“The word ‘Kshaya’ means dissipating or reducing; hence the word ‘Akshaya’ broadly means perennial abundance.”

On this day, we can make resolutions not just for our Spiritual but also for our material goals. This is because Vairagya is not renouncing or negating life but it is non-attachment. He also gave us a technique – “We can think of this energy as a male form, because it is a part of Mahavishnu. We can offer energies, pray and make our resolutions. Then we can continue with our regular Stage Meditations. We should ideally meditate during Sandhikalas or transitory time phases of the day i.e. 6 am / 12 noon / 6 pm.”

Many of our endless lists of material and Spiritual wishes are fulfilled but many are not; this is due to our own tendencies, irregular Meditations and lack of concerted efforts. Our Karmas also delay the actualisation of our dreams. But this is the journey of life; we learn and move on.

The fact is, once we have requisitioned for something, it will come to be. The timing depends on our Karmas and also on Karmas of the particular time and place we are in. Efforts are also required for our wishes to come true.

Guruji also said, “Beware of what you ask for because it will come true, if not in this lifetime then in any of the next ones. At that time we may not want this wish to materialise.”

This however does not mean that we should not wish for anything and just let things happen to us. We are co-creators; God experiences His Creation through us – the souls – which are His Amshas (parts). When we are under the shelter of the Rishis(Light Masters), let’s trust them.

When we are simple in our attitude, honest in our hearts, sincere in our efforts and live the Spiritual Principles, our freewill will fall in line with the Divine Will. Until we achieve high Purity levels, we can make our wish-lists and present them to the Rishis, but we should let them decide if it is appropriate for us. Let us trust and surrender ourselves to God.


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  1. geethasaraswathi says:

    instead of rushing to jeweler y shops and buying gold only to be dumped in the bank locker, peacefully meditating at home is tremendously satisfying


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