(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

A student asked me, “In these advanced times which single factor indicates Spiritual progress?”

My answer is, Oneness. We already know at the intellectual level that we are all one. This is not enough. We must experience Oneness with those near us as well as the entire life on this earth. We must eventually experience Oneness with the entire Creation.

Is it really possible to experience such Oneness? I say, it is possible. We have to try it. At least we must try to experience Oneness with our family, friends and other associates. We may have to try very hard.

If you make sincere efforts, you will notice that love begins to flow. It is then we trust each other and smile from our hearts. This is the least we can do. If we cannot do this, how can we say that we have progressed?

People tell me that they have meditated for 10 or 20 years. If you believe that you have progressed spiritually, then ask yourself this. “Am I experiencing Oneness?” If you are, then all your effort is worth it.

When I see that people are unable to experience Oneness in spite of all the years of meditations, I feel very sad. Unless you experience Oneness, how can you be the guiding Light to others?

Here is a technique that may help you in experiencing Oneness:

Imagine you are a small globe of White Light. Experience the Light for a few minutes. Then, imagine those around you and your associates to be small globes of Light and experience them. Next, imagine all other human beings and everything else in Creation as Light. Experience the Light for several minutes. Practise it for as long as possible.

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