Being Emotional

Being Emotional
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Human traits like sentiments, emotions, a little anger and even a little jealousy—all these are NOT negative. These are human and natural.
If you become emotional while listening to a song or if you have tears while watching a movie, do not think of it as a sign of your weakness. You should never feel shy about this.

In fact, if you can emote like this and shed tears, it is your specialty. This is the most precious aspect of being human.

Souls from higher realms come down to our earth just to experience these emotions. That is why emotions are very important.

Whenever you are trying to experience human love, Unconditional Love or Oneness, begin by employing such emotions. When you are trying to get connected to a higher being or God, start with emotions. Your connection with them will be easy and strong.

You only need to avoid extreme and uncontrollable emotions because they can be damaging. Extremes anywhere are not good.

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