It is Payback Time

It is Payback Time
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

This is payback time. The Universe is ready to pay back all that it has received from us. If we have been sending only Ananda or bliss or Light to the Universe, it will send us the same in multiples.

When we emote, the vibrations of our emotions are not confined to us. They spread out and reach the Universe—the good and also the not so good emotions. The Universe does its duty and promptly pays us back.

But one need not feel scared if one has been sending out only negative vibrations. In this beautiful Universe of God, there is nothing like punishment. There may be a correction. But if we realise our mistake and repent, there will be instant forgiveness.

So, in that sense, this payback time is also a wonderful opportunity to clear our old baggage, heal our past and make our present beautiful.

When we make a mistake, deep down in our hearts we will be aware of it, whether we admit it or not. If you say, “I am sorry” genuinely from the depth of your heart, you are forgiven instantly. Even the associated Karmas will be wiped out and there will be no more suffering.

It is for this reason, transitory periods are wonderful times of opportunities for transformation. Karmas carried from hundreds of lifetimes can be instantly removed with genuine repentance. It looks so simple, but for some people it is very difficult to accept their wrongdoings, which is why they go through a lot of difficulties.

So, let us make use of this payback time, which is also a time of instant forgiveness.

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