A Meditator asked Guruji Krishnananda – “Can we use the Light as a medium of communication?”

Guruji answered – “We can. It is much more effective and faster than sending a telepathic message. To send a message through Light, imagine a ball of Light in front of you. Keep your thought or message inside the ball. It should be a simple message. Then, imagine the ball going and reaching the person to whom you want to send the message. The person will receive the message, if not at the conscious level, he will receive it at a different level.
“The message should be of good intention, pure and unselfish. It should not be manipulative. If you try to misuse the technique, the Light has intelligence and will punish you.”
Next question – “Can we sense the contents of a message sent through the Light?”
“Yes, it is possible. To read the contents accurately, we have to be calm, alert and in a state of expanded Awareness. If you are not alert, you will not know that you have received a message.
“To be in an expanded state of Awareness, we have to make efforts. We have to be aware that the reality is much more than what we see in this world. If you can become aware of the life beyond, if you know that there is a higher dimension to everything, if you become aware of God, you will be in expanded Awareness and you can receive messages through Light.
“If you practise Oneness, you will be able to receive messages not only from other individuals on this earth, but also from the Universe, from God. We do receive messages from God but we may not realise it.
“You should not have any particular expectations from the message. If you do, you will receive the message from your own mind and not from the other source.”

Mr. Manoj Deshpande, a dedicated Light Channels Volunteer and a sincere Meditator, shares how Light helped him communicate without interaction:
“On18th July, 2013, after reaching the bus stop I realized that I had left my mobile phone at home. Going back would have caused delay in reaching the destination where I had to meet another Light Channels Volunteer, Mr. Guruprasad, and visit a school for a Light Channelling session. Although we had pre-planned about where to meet and the location of the school, etc. there was every possibility for confusion to creep in without any means of communication between us.
“With the belief that the Light will take care, I got into the bus and realized that I could communicate with him via Light. I sent a message to him in a globe of Light. Both of us reached at the same time even though we had to change two buses! He was not aware of my message.
“But in spite of being late he had no panic or urgency to reach the destination since he too had prayed that he should reach at the right time. The #Light #Channelling session was conducted successfully.” (This is an excerpt from the August 2013 issue of the monthly Newsletter – Light Channels – from Manasa Foundation.)
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  1. kanu verma kumar says:

    beautiful !elevating message , i will definitely practice communicating through light !


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